Via Colori: The Street Painting Festival – Day One

Today I experienced Via Colori, Houston’s annual street art festival fundraiser for The Center for Hearing and Speech (CHS.) It was amazing to see all of the beautifully-talented artists decorate the streets of downtown! Via Colori is a two-day event, so if you missed it today,┬ástop by Hermann Square tomorrow from 10AM until 5PM. The … Continue reading Via Colori: The Street Painting Festival – Day One


Grabbed the camera and ran down to Morningside street to experience the Rice Village Flea Market. I indulged in local taste, inspired by the talent around me. The Market opens the second weekend of the month from 11AM to 6PM Artist and Designer Info: Lou – Kathrine – Jessica – Support local. Continue reading Home-grown

So we all dream…

I wish I could explore different passions as the mood comes. Vibe out all day on another atmosphere. One day, following Isiah Carey around the city as he reports. Next week, I’m taking an art class, with an exhibit showcasing everyone’s work at the end. Something different. Asking strangers to take their picture and shooting … Continue reading So we all dream…

Rough Draft

All my drafts have collected dust, and so have the thoughts in my head… When starting a blog again after 5 plus years…I’m finding out that I still have a lot to say, just less of way to organize my ideas. So if this is just a bare rough draft, I have to let you … Continue reading Rough Draft


  I made this video in May. For the last, what? 5 months I’ve been sitting on it…waiting for inspiration to strike so that I could post it. Now, I’m saying screw that, no better time than the present. I treasure this video because it was the first thing I created after months of being … Continue reading Energy