Just Another Day

My favorite daily ritual? This post was inspired by The Daily Prompt. Thanks!   I am a stickler for time management and schedules. If I miss a beat I am sick ya’ll. I have calendars, to-do lists, memo pads, random notebooks, you name it. I’m constantly remembering what needs to be done or what I … Continue reading Just Another Day


I can tell when I’m talking to you That my words bounce right off and disappear with the smoke. So I take another drag and we sit in more silence Your eyes well up with tears and I swear we have been here before. I realize that time does not define a relationship. 10 years … Continue reading Billian

Mental Note

  I love a good challenge and perform best in the face of adversity. Trials that come to make me strong; and I rise like the Phoenix, reborn from ashes. God knew exactly what He was doing when He created me. When you no longer hurt then its all fuel for something Greater. You realize that person … Continue reading Mental Note


You ever love someone so much? Like the way God intended you to love someone? The killer part is they don’t love you back. He’s busy overly inspecting you, finding any reason to walk away. Bottle it up. Move on. Tell yourself you don’t believe in love. You won’t hurt anymore. Ignore the tears, swallow … Continue reading Freestyle

The Skin I’m In

*The title is taken from a book by Sharon Flake, about a young black girl’s struggle to love herself. I remember watching music videos and wanting to be that girl. More specifically, Beyoncé. I cried because I was never going to be “5’5, brown eyes, with thick thighs” My mom didn’t understand how crucial being Ja Rule’s ‘down ass … Continue reading The Skin I’m In