DJ Chose shoots visuals for “Long Way from Village Way” mixtape

  Fans of DJ Chose will be happy to know he was spotted filming a music video earlier today in downtown Houston. The ambitious rapper just finished working with Dej Loaf for “The Christmas in Houston” concert after wrapping up a feature on Akon’s most recent banger, “Want Some.” On top of that, the summer smash “Everywhere … Continue reading DJ Chose shoots visuals for “Long Way from Village Way” mixtape

No Prize. no winners

See your boy is No Prize. No Prize. Loyalty he lacks, but all flaws forgiven for his nice eyes His slick-talk mouth matches his character, completely untrue Faithful to who? Not you. With thoughts as deep as a puddle, ass as wide as a fence I guess that’s all that counts, a chick with no sense In the end, I can’t feel jealousy so I … Continue reading No Prize. no winners

Dear Grandma

I woke up this morning, thanked God then immediately started crying. I miss you. You’re still here but the mourning started once you left. It’s just not the same. Kristie and I will never understand why we couldn’t take care of you. Why you had to be ripped from our lives and stuck in that … Continue reading Dear Grandma

A Real Joy

  Children. I love children. The Gathering pictured comes from my awesome time as a nursery supervisor. During undergrad I worked lots of jobs, working with the church was by far my favorite. I learn so much from children. Patience, acceptance, confidence. A certain something I just don’t get from my peers. I admire their … Continue reading A Real Joy